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A Push for Change in the Right Direction

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“The Forecaster” sold out at every venue it has been shown. When I have attended, we have held Q&A sessions that often go on for more than an hour. It has been making national TV news in Germany and now journalists are lining up all across Europe. All of this is not because of me as an individual, it is because of the film’s message about the system, which was my only reason for agreeing to do the film. I am not exactly the type to solicit sympathy; I have never sat back saying “poor me”, but I have always been on the go asking what’s next in this drama we call life.

The response has been truly amazing. The acceptance of the message demonstrates that so many people feel that something is terribly wrong. My sincere hope is that we stir the masses so that this time when the ECM turns down, hopefully enough people will say NO to this awful trend that is moving in high gear toward Economic Totalitarianism. This is why I still fight, as I do not want to live in the world they are creating. They can only see their own immediate power and will take whatever action necessary to retain it. They think nothing about the world they are leaving behind, even for their own children. People need to see this dark cloud approaching on the horizon to make any change.

Everything society has fought for and constructed since World War II has been undermined. Politicians are now moving to eliminate all paper money and our freedom to buy or sell will be next. They used the Swift Code to prevent nations from participating in the world economy until they complied with their demands. They even threatened that the Vatican would be shutdown, unless they revealed all people involved in wires. They will have the same power domestically once we move to electronic money. They will be able to turn off any company they desire or seize the funds of any individual.

Australia is moving to tax money itself, and this is a conservative government. It no longer matters, as long as we have career politicians, for they see themselves as the elite and we as the great stupid herd to be milked for their pleasure. They justify more and more taxes and blame us for everything. Never once is there any consideration that just perhaps they have consumed the wealth of the nation and wasted the resources of the people.

Here is a comment from a viewer who managed to get his father to see the film. This gives hope that perhaps the film can make headway in illuminating the real problems we face. If we can reach the masses, perhaps we can help to push the change that is coming in the right direction:

First thing I ever read from Martin Armstrong was an article “It’s just time”. It was back in 2009. I had just heard my wife was ill, we didn’t know how bad at the time, and we were retreating in Germany for the weekend at my dad’s to sink in the news. I remember these days very well.

Not only the devastating news we had to deal with, but also the beautiful place we were at, the view over the Rhine river, the fire place, and me also reading this article, I HAD TO READ, that my best friend had send me.


It hit me right then and there. This was important. “It’s just time”. I had to tell my dad also. He had to read this. He just couldn’t. He refused. I have been trying ever since. Now I do relate to stubbornness, so we have been clashing very hard. Full blown arguments. Classic case. Finally agreeing to disagree the relationship eventually healed but the frustration remained. Until yesterday.

He lives in Stuttgart these days.


As I read Martins blog everyday, I knew his movie the Forecaster  had its German premiere over there yesterday, and I knew Marcus Vetter, the director, and Martin himself would attend. I informed my dad. He likes going to the movies anyway. He really had to go to this one for sure, and so he did. He took his girlfriend and two friends with him and they got to watch the movie together. With me not being there, they could view unbiased, and when he got the chance afterwards for questions and answers(and me being very jealous now) with Martin, he finally is budging. What I couldn’t do in five years took only fifteen minutes. Maybe he’s just one of those people that have to hear it from the man himself. I don’t know.

But thank you Martin anyway. This tour is already a success !!

(I do hope my dad already understands Einstein, because I really don’t know what to do …)