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WEC Conference 2015

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Attendees of both the Princeton and Berlin World Economic Conferences will receive: the “European” and “North American Share Market” reports, part II to the “Real Estate” report, and all attendees will also receive a complimentary DVD of the Berlin and Princeton conferences.

Year-End 2015-2016

EXCLUSIVE for Conference attendees, you will receive a “Year-End 2015” Special Report, which will only be sent to attendees containing the Yearly Reversals to watch going into 2016 and what they mean.

This will also include the Asset Allocation for 2016 and what appears to be the best trade.



All attendees should have received: “The War Cycle”, “Transactional Banking”, and part I of the “Real Estate” report. Please contact us if you have not received one or more of these items.

All reports and materials will be available for sale to the general public after the conferences except the Year-End Report. We expect to release the conference DVDs in the beginning of 2016.

We have now increased the venue space to provide additional of seating available to try to accommodate everyone. We apologize that we could not accommodate everyone in Princeton. Then venue was simply at maximum capacity. Tickets for the Berlin conference are still available. If you have any additional questions pertaining to the conference, please contact us at

[email protected]