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WEC 2018 Orlando Emails Went Out for Pre-Sale Tickets to Previous Attendees

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2017 WEC Orlando r

We have sent out emails to those who attended last year’s WEC to allow you to purchase tickets before they are open to the general public since we sell out this event every year. We are trying to reduce the size. Those who are interested in attending may purchase their tickets in advance. They will go up for sale to the general public next week. As always, these are first class events with food and open bar with costs over $1,000 per seat just in the venue.

This year we are dealing with the Monetary Crisis that is starting to unfold as we move into 2020. This year is the Panic Cycle so as warned at last year’s event, that means we would test both sides of the market. So far so good with the correct in the stock market. Next will be the Bond Bubble. As everything heats up during the second half of the year, we will be preparing for the closing of 2018 and the launch thereafter into regions that will befuddle the majority who expect history to always repeat identically with the same market every time.