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Sorry, We Cannot Hold a Third WEC

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is there any way to expand the Princeton WEC? It is obvious that you are the real deal. I can see why they said you manipulate the world for nobody can believe what you and your computer have achieved. You said the May high should hold and a correction into August should unfold and then called for the crash into Monday. Then you said that low will hold and there would be a three day bounce. You choreographed the markets amazingly. The press trys to ignore you. One would think with your track record and even being named hedge fund manager of the year, the business news would be pounding down your door. The reason they do not is because you are so real exposing you would expose how bad they are. The ultimate paradox. Your views per month are well over 3 million to this site alone. Nobody can even compare to your accomplishments which is why they made a movie about you. I hope you would consider expanding the WEC or holding a second one here.

Truly amazing


ANSWER: Thank you. Perhaps you are correct in your observation. It is an interesting perspective. Sorry, we cannot expand the Princeton WEC simply because the venue does not offer a larger accommodation. However, we have been able to expand Berlin. Please consider attending the conference in Germany. It might be good to simply expand your horizons. Unfortunately, I will not have the time to hold a third conference. These events really take a lot of effort and are not promotional things where we try to pitch something to sell you to get money to trade. This is a real analytical conference — no BS.