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Berlin – World Economic Conference – November 28-29, 2015

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We are holding this year’s 2015 World Economic Conference in Berlin, Germany, and it may be the most important conference since 1987. While so many people are now starting to mimic our forecasts for Big Bang, all now touting the autumn of 2015, this is going to be far more complicated than what the typical analyst comprehends, for they will say the sky is falling without comprehending the true nature of the beast we now confront.

This event will be a major educational conference, which will lay out the future of what we are facing, including the major question of all – Where do I put my money?” This will be suited for investors and traders; if this will be your first WEC, you will be surprised at meeting long attending clients and seeing how everyone helps one another.

We will also be demonstrating Socrates for those attending. Furthermore, we will also be looking at the Asset Allocation view into 2017, in addition to what the stock markets, commodities, and bonds are doing as well.

ECM Sov Debt

The focus of this year’s conference will be the crisis we face as we move into what appears to be the culmination of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. We already see Greece looking like it will default this year. It was Greece that began precisely on the pi date following 2007 precisely to the day of the model when it first petitioned for help.

ECM Greece

The sheer fact that Greece applied for help precisely at the turning point of April 15, 2010 of the model was astonishing. This has set the stage for what we are experiencing. The head of the EU fails to grasp what they are involved in and turn to the typical bailout and more loans from government who is already in the same position.

So what we face going into 2017 will be amazing. We are looking at patterns and relationships that have not appeared before the Great Depression. We have taken our database on equities before the Great Depression to illustrate what happens during a Sovereign Debt Crisis. This will by no means be easy to trade and the vast majority of people will be on the wrong side, which creates the phase transition.

Because of the seriousness of this type of move, we will keep this limited to clients attending and those who are in our services when they become available. It does not make any sense with all the people copying this blog and restating things to try to capitalize on selling info. Such people lack the database and the systems to even figure this mind twister out. So at the request of clients, we will not broadcast that in advance on this blog. We will keep it for clients only.

The number one question – “What should I do with my money?” This is obviously a critically important question given the change in trend for the key target 2015.75 and the start of Big Bang going into 2020.05. This is going to be tremendously important, and will be reviewed by looking at the world in different currency perspectives. This year will be incredibly important for 2015.75 is clearly unfolding as the peak in government. We should expect government to become much more aggressive. To survive what we are facing, this is critical to understand. We will be focusing on the impact of laws, regulations, and rules that are altering the markets, as well as how to invest and what sectors to choose.


On the first day of the conference, we will hold an early two hour session at 8:00 a.m., dedicated to new attendees to help everyone get up to speed. Staff will be there to help answer questions, and our Saturday night cocktail party will provide an opportunity to network and socialize. This conference is not just for traders, it is also for investors; everyone comes together at these events and there is a real camaraderie among attendees.

For those who have not attended a WEC before, we go over the world to show you the correlation of the global economy. Once you see the movement, you can see that each market is connected, and that reflects the movement of global capital.

The Pension Crisis Cover

Ticket Price Includes: Conference material, Complimentary DVD, Presentation Slides, Pension & Interest Rate Report, Your Choice of World Share Market Report: Asia, Europe, or USA plus discounts on other reports, Breakfast Assortment (Saturday & Sunday), Full Lunch (Saturday & Sunday), Cocktail Reception on Saturday Night providing an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

2015 World Share Market Set