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Agenda for the World Economic Conference

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We will be covering the global trends that will drive the capital flows. We will be looking ahead beyond 2015.75 and into the next two waves culminating in 2032.95. We will cover capital flows, the shifting tide in investment, and how to strategically position yourself for the turmoil ahead.


We will be looking at the global political changes, rising separatism, and why the USA is likely to experience a sharp rise in separatism. We will be reviewing the War Cycle, the Sovereign Debt Crisis, and their interactions with the Economic Confidence Model.


We will cover the big picture for equity, commodities, and bonds. When will gold bottom, why, and is there a significant alignment on the horizon?


Additionally, we will be presenting BOOT CAMP, which will explain how to use the models and comprehend what they mean. We will cover the new arrays, cyclical, technical, and fundamental analysis. By using the same model globally, you will be able to spot the trends unfolding.



Here we will get into the major markets and their forecasts. We will discuss understanding the flows to help you determine when it will be time to play and when it will be time to get out. We will be covering America, Europe, and Asia. This will include equities, commodities, real estate, and bonds.


We will be presenting a demo of Socrates.