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World Economic Conference in Berlin – Now Open For Reservations

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We are no longer taking reservations at this time for the 2015 Princeton World Economic Conference in New Jersey. We have exceeded 500-person capacity. However, some portion we expect will switch to the European World Economic Conference to be held November 28th/29th in Berlin. When we know how many seats we have left in the United States, we will reopen that venue for reservations.

The European World Economic Conference will naturally have a focus on Europe and the fate of the Euro. We have a tentative venue, but are waiting for the final contract to be signed.

Those attending will receive slides on a USB and the DVD. Those who have already paid their $500 to reserve a seat will be confirmed. We are now taking reservations for the Berlin venue also on a first-come-first-served basis. We are doing this so our regular clients can get in before we are sold out in that venue as well.

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