2015 World Economic Conferences

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We have begun preparing the handouts for the 2015 World Economic Conference (WEC). We will focus on the best trading opportunities moving forward. We just opened the Princeton conference and are selling tickets for our U.S. session. We were overbooked for that venue but opening up Berlin allowed some people to move their reservation to Europe.

The number one question: “What should I do with my money?” This is obviously a critically important question given the change in trend for the key target 2015.75 and the start of Big Bang going into 2020.05. This is going to be tremendously important, and will be reviewed by looking at the world in different currency perspectives. This year will be incredibly important for 2015.75 is clearly unfolding as the peak in government. We should expect government to become much more aggressive. To survive what we are facing, this is critical to understand. We will be focusing on the impact of laws, regulations, and rules that are altering the markets, as well as how to invest and what sectors to choose.

On the first day of the conference, we will hold an early two-hour session at 8:00 am, dedicated to new attendees to help everyone get up to speed. We will also be conducting a demo of Socrates for those interested. Staff will be there to help answer questions, and our Saturday night cocktail party will provide an opportunity to network and socialize. This conference is not just for traders, it is also for investors; everyone comes together at these events and there is a real camaraderie among attendees.

For those who have not attended a WEC before, we go over the world to show you the correlation of the global economy. Once you see the movement, you can see that each market is connected, and that reflects the movement of global capital.

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