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1985.65 + 31.4 = 2017

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I attended your 1985 World Economic Conference in Princeton. It was amazing to see so many people from around the world. I remember the whole delegation from the Middle East in their white robes. It was like a mini United Nations. I remember that chart showing 2017. Back then you did not reveal you were using Pi. I figured it out now. 31.4 years from 1985.65 brings us to low and behold your Big Bang 2017. Well I am old and gray now. But I made it and financially secure thanks to you. I am looking forward to seeing you this year. This will be a real home-coming.


ECM Sov Debt

REPLY: Yes indeed. You are correct. There will be others this year who attended in 1985 as well. This entire period of 2015.75 lines up with many frequencies, which is why I have been calling this Big Bang. True, I did not reveal pi back in 1985. I revealed that only when the government was shutting us down.


This year’s WEC will be amazing. I will reveal just how many frequencies all line up from numerous sources to produce this most dramatic event in modern history. The 2017 target is the half-cycle after 2015.75. The 1987 crash came to the day of the half-cycle before 1989.95. The first into this Private Sector Wave 2032.95.