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The International North-South Transport Corridor

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The International North South Transport Corridor

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to decimate the fossil fuel industry in the US. The European Environment Agency has planned to eliminate its fossil fuel industry as well, as has Environment Canada and every nation following the green agenda put forth by the World Economic Forum. These agencies gave Russia and the middle east a huge boost by nuking their own energy production. Adhering to targets for 2030 and 2035 required a continued diminished fossil fuel sector, with coal being targeted as one of the main perceived environmental threats.

As the WEF-led nations carry on with their own demise, their identified enemies are building their fossil fuel industries. Russia sent a shipment of coal from St. Petersburg to Mumbai this week on a 4,500-mile voyage, marking the first shipment of coal to India from Russia through the INSTC. India is praising the INSTC route, which it began constructing with Russia in the early 2000s, as the new alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. “For the first time, two trains with Kuzbass coal headed to India along the International North-South Transport Corridor. The trains set off from the Kemerovo region. They followed along the eastern branch of the INSTC through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas,” Russian Railways said on Monday in its Telegram channel.

Sanctions have not deterred Russia from exporting energy. Iran is profiting off of the sanctions as well. The need for fossil fuels has not magically disappeared. The politicians of the West want the public to believe that they can do away with the key elements to our infrastructures with the brush of a pen but it is utter nonsense as the West will require fossil fuels until a reliable alternative is widely available.

Perhaps no one has profited as much as India on the recent war. It has attempted to remain neutral, focusing on domestic interests to promote trade with both the West, China, and Russia. Politicians are OK with purchasing Russian energy from India at an increased cost. It’s preposterous and yet another reason why sanctions NEVER work.