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Intel Invests $25 Billion in Israeli Manufacturing

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Israel cannot lose the war. It is a vassal state created and funded by the West. Palestine’s allies simply cannot defeat the nations who have big plans for the future of Israel. We know about the nuclear power plant in Israel installed by the West to gain a stronghold on the Middle East. We know about the plans for an alternative canal that will rival the Suez and permit the West to gain control over trade in the region.

Now, independent companies are also investing in Israel. The Israeli government recently issued the largest grant in the nation’s history to Intel Corp for $3.2 billion. In exchange, the company plans to build a $25 billion chip plant in the southern region. Intel shares rose when the news was first released.

The Kiryat Gat site selected for the manufacturing plant is a mere 26 miles from Gaza. Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said, “This investment, at a time when Israel wages war against utter wickedness, a war in which good must defeat evil, is an investment in the right and righteous values that spell progress for humanity.” According to Smotrich, investing in Israel is the best way to defeat evil.

The plant is expected to open in 2028. Companies are betting on a clear victory for Israel. Intel is one of many companies with plans to expand in Israel in the coming years. The semiconductor chip industry is extremely competitive as every manufacturer began investing heavily in expansion amid the chip shortage that began a few years ago.

Now, Intel would not spend $25 billion on a manufacturing plant next door to Hamas if they were not confident that Israel would win the war. Israel would not be funding 12.8% of Intel’s project if their leaders were not confident that their allies would continue to protect the nation for however long it may take.