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China Extends Olive Branch to US

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China US Trade War

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit concluded with China and the US agreeing to partner on trade military strategy. The love-hate relationship between America and its largest trading partner has been strained for may years and completely counterproductive. China’s President Xi Jinping made it clear to Biden that the US is either for or against them.

“If we regard each other as the biggest rival, the most significant geopolitical challenge and an ever-pressing threat, it will inevitably lead to wrong policies, wrong actions and wrong results,” Xi explained. “China is willing to be a partner and friend of the United States.”

America’s leader, sadly, appeared utterly incapable of having a conversation with Xi. In an embarrassing chain of events, Joe Biden managed to anger China by once again referring to Xi as a dictator. “He’s a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country… based on a form of government that is totally different from ours,” the man who received the most votes in US history stated. Chinese media has not reported Biden’s comments, and Xi has agreed to send US zoos giant pandas to appease the mindless masses like our president.


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The real question remains – can the US stay away from Taiwan? Xi called the issue “the biggest, most dangerous issue in US-China ties,” as the neocons have been extremely vocal about their willingness to defend Taiwan. “China has never bet on the United States to lose, has never intervened in US internal affairs and does not intend to challenge or replace the US. China is happy to see a confident, open and prosperous US,” Xi stated, making it clear that China is focused on advancing economically and not going to war with America.

China’s willingness to partner with the US correlates with its current economy. Foreign investment into China fell to negative territory for the first time since 1998. Now, Chinese leaders want to put differences aside and work with America’s private sector. China has been attempting to mirror America’s business economy since 1978 and embark on a path of capitalistic consumerism.

Every promise will fall to the wayside if the US does not respect the One China policy in regard to Taiwan. China cares not about its other allies and their ongoing wars at the end of the day. Taiwan is the key piece that could make or break US-China relations for generations to come.