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Business Deportations

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The world will become a more hostile place in the months ahead as we move toward 2024. Governments have identified their enemies that have embedded themselves within Western society. First, governments will ask businesses owned by unfriendly nations to leave, and next, they will target individuals.

Syngenta has owned 160 acres of farmland in Arkansas for three decades. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders raised concerns over the company’s ties to China and the CCP. “Seeds are technology. Chinese-owned state corporations filter that technology back to their homeland, stealing American research and telling our enemies to target American farms,” Huckabee explained. The company is now being forced to leave America due to fears of national security. Additionally, they must pay a $280,000 fine for failing to disclose foreign ownership.

The state is providing Syngenta with a 30-day evacuation notice before they attempt to confiscate their land. A spokesperson for the company stated that they have been in operation since 1988 with no issue. “Syngenta’s work in the US — including in Arkansas — continues to benefit American farmers, strengthens American agriculture and makes the US a more innovative and competitive participant in the global agricultural marketplace,” the spokesman said, calling the move “shortsighted.”

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However, the government knew this was a Chinese-run business years ago, as the US Department of Defense compiled a watchlist of companies connected to China in 2017. The growing fear of global warfare has gifted government the power to deport businesses on short notice. Slowly but surely, these companies will be asked to leave the US.

As a reminder, China is America’s largest trading partner. China is not currently at war with America. The government is opening Pandora’s box as this will lead to an exodus of foreign-run businesses and China will retaliate. We remember the ongoing trade war with China during the Trump administration with sanctions matched with sanctions. The globalists scream “Inclusivity!” left and right but plan on removing businesses simply because they’re connected to a foreign nation deemed unfriendly without a thorough investigation.

There are already discussions of deporting individuals for their religious and/or political beliefs. This will not be limited to the US. France’s Macron is attempting to deport those with “extremist beliefs.” Other countries will follow, especially with violently charged protests growing throughout Western nations that opened the doors to countless refugees since 2015 when Syrians were fleeing. The issue here is that the government has the sole discretion to decide who can stay and who must leave. If only those in charge would use history, recent history, as an example.