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Wikipedia’s Definition of a Woman?

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Woman_Wikipedia Rachel L. Levine




Rachel L. Levine

Wikipedia has degenerated into nothing but a government propaganda avenue. Here was their definition of a woman with the photograph of the transgender Rachel Levine, Biden’s 17th Assistant Secretary of Health. Apparently, this offended so many that Wikipedia removed this page and replaced it with the following. The mere fact that they used Levin’s photo for the DEFINITION of a woman is just astonishing. A biological woman is no longer a woman. As I have said, in Thailand, the sex change capital of the world, they simply call themselves Ladyboys. They do not demand that they be called a woman, so there is no longer a definition of a woman. The fact that Wikipedia did this shows its hidden agenda and why universities now tell students they cannot use Wikipedia as a source for research papers. DO NOT DONATE ANYTHING TO WIKIPEDIA – They are no longer a valid independent source to be trusted, especially about anything that has a political implication.


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