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US Govt Seizing Custody of Trans Kids

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Across America, parents are losing custody of their children for not adhering to the woke agenda. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the founders of the CEI woke credit score, has infiltrated our society and aims to normalize “gender-affirming care.” The HRC produced an “Attacks on Gender Affirming Care by State” map and is lobbying legislators across the country to A) allow teachers to confuse children at an impressionable age by asking them to question their identity and B) override parental parents. Biden said, “They’re all our kids.” The government now has control over the children of America.

Moms for Liberty and Parents Defending Education are groups of reasonably concerned parents who are protesting these grotesque laws. They have been deemed extremist right-wing hate groups by numerous watchdog groups. Kindergarteners in many states are now required to read a PICTURE BOOK entitled “Jacob’s New Dress” about a boy who wants to be a girl. They are also reading books like “My Princess Boy” and “10,000 Dresses.” This is clear and blatant social indoctrination and grooming. They are encouraging children to align with the woke agenda socially.

The government is now telling parents that there are four steps for gender transition: social transition, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgery. This is psychologically and physiologically ruining the youth. Schools in many states are no longer required to tell parents if their child identifies as a different gender. Why is this so prevalent in today’s society? Because the youngest of children, as soon as they are old enough for public government-funded education, are asked to adhere to this new societal norm and CELEBRATED for doing so. That is why Biden called transexuals the “bravest” in our society – not military personnel, firefighters, police, etc. The school curriculum now pushes the message that kids are supposed to reconsider their birth gender at every grade level.

This is a serious matter and very disturbing. In many states, if a child reports to their teacher that mom or dad is not completely catering to this madness, then the state CAN and HAS seized custody of their children. No different from North Korea, Hitler Youth, Soviet Russia, and many other programs of indoctrination, the government comes first and you MUST rat out your parents if they are not abiding.