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The Biden Administration From Hell

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I have dealt with governments around the world. NEVER in my entire career have I EVER witnessed an administration so intent upon pushing a dictatorial regime that is so against the founding principles of a free society as this Biden Administration. To be VERY clear, this really is not an attack on Biden personally. He is not the one calling all of these insane shots designed to undermine the very fabric of the nation because stupid zealots in so many fields think they have the right to change society to conform to what they think it should be. That is what Karl Marx tried with communism – remove all personal wealth and control the business cycle.

White House Pride

With absolutely NO science behind any of these agendas from transgender pushing, those who go through this procedure have a significantly higher rate of suicide. Instead of ending discrimination, it has caused it and all of this is to push an agenda of reducing population. Just as the BLM movement was taken over for a covert agenda. The same is taking place with this Pride agenda where gay people are getting thrown into the same cauldron as Transgender. The White House does not do the same for all the other groups or religions.

CDC Mandy K. Cohen

Then we have the CDC moving COVID vaccines to be an annual shot. They are too busy taking money from Pfiszer to protect the people anymore. I know people who have died, others who have heart problems, and even my lawyer took the shot so he could travel, got blood clots, and not can no longer fly. This is outrageous! My next-door neighbor had COVID and was forced to get vaccinated to go on a family cruise. She was 27 and rushed to the hospital, and almost died the day after being vaccinated. I’m sorry, but these vaccines are not traditional, and there is no long-term risk assessment. Mandy Cohen should be in prison for abandoning her fiduciary duty to protect the public.

Gas Burner

Then we have the cleanest fossil fuels being outlawed by this insane Biden Administration that has been taken over by every insane group possible. I grew up with gas heat and a stove. They want to claim that such a small fraction of people warrant shutting down this entire industry. What about smoking? How about peanuts? I have been on a flight and you were not allowed to have a pack of peanuts because one person was extremely allergic to peanuts.


2023_07_31_Neocon Nuclear_war_no_worse_than_climate_change_Blinken


Then we have the Neocons who run the White House and push us into World War III. Now, Blinken, the current leader of the pack in the White House, publicly says nuclear war is no worse than Climate Change. So don’t worry; it will be no big deal if he starts pushing buttons and China and Russia.

Economy Dying

The Neocons have already destroyed the world economy with sanctions against Russia. Now you have the death of the SWIFT system and alternatives from China and Iran, so now the threat of removing a non-compliant state from SWIFT no longer has the power it once did.


And now they are moving for a totalitarian state eliminating all cash and moving to a digital currency so they can regulate what you are allowed to buy and sell and make sure they collect every penny of tax they think you have. Just one EMP pulse, even from a nuclear blast, will wipe out electronics, and your wealth will vanish overnight.

Biden Administration

This Biden Administration is the final straw that is destroying America. It will never be the same; instead of unity, they create division on every front. Even the EU is moving to separate from the United States policies.


Biden Administration from Hell