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Teachers have More Power Than Parents in California

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Kids throughout California have been celebrating Pride month in the classroom in honor of the LGBTQ+? community, and while love is not wrong, why are we discussing sexual topics with children? Why are sexuality and gender such major speaking points for the far left progressives? California continues to take steps to revoke parental rights in favor the woke state. The Senate just passed Assembly Bill 1955 that could make it illegal for teachers to inform parents if their own children change their gender identity.

The government insists that it must protect the children from their parents who may not accept their child’s chosen identity. Again, the GOVERNMENT believes it needs to “protect” children from their own parents who they believe may pose a danger to their kin. Children feel safer at school than at home, according to this piece of legislation that repeatedly states schools must not “forcibly out” students for being gay or transgendered.

As noted in the bill:

“This bill would prohibit school districts, county offices of education, charter schools, and the state special schools, and a member of the governing board or body of those educational entities, from enacting or enforcing any policy, rule, or administrative regulation that requires an employee or a contractor to disclose any information related to a pupil’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression to any other person without the pupil’s consent unless otherwise required by law, as provided. The bill would prohibit employees or contractors of those educational entities from being required to make such a disclosure unless otherwise required by law, as provided. The bill would prohibit employees or contractors of school districts, county offices of education, charter schools, or the state special schools, or members of the governing boards or bodies of those educational entities, from retaliating or taking adverse action against an employee on the basis that the employee supported a pupil in the exercise of specified rights, work activities, or providing certain instruction, as provided.”

Parents are informed if their children are tardy for classes or displaying a major change in behavior. Before woke politics, schools were there to support parents so that they could make informed decisions regarding their child’s upbringing. The school system was never intended to replace parents or override them. This is happening across blue states across the US.

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This entire premise creates an atmosphere where the system is to be trusted first and foremost. We’ve seen it done countless times throughout history through the likes of Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler who informed the youth that the state, and not the family, were to be honored and respected. They are grooming the next generation to be loyal to the state over their parents. There is a much larger issue at play that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge – teachers now have more influence than parents.

The woke agenda is also a ploy to evaporate religion from our society. Christians, Muslims, Jews, and anyone honoring a religion that does not openly welcome homosexuality or gender transitions are considered intolerant and oppressive.

Schools already skewed teachings to fondly recall figures like Che Guevara and Karl Marx while demonizing anyone who actually went against the establishment. We’ve long known that universities preach liberal doctrines. It is almost comically absurd to see sorority girls with trust funds running around campus in Islamic attire for Palestine when they likely couldn’t find it on the map.


Yet, now the public school system wishes to target the youngest within their reach. Five-year-olds are being taught about sexuality and are repeatedly told to see gender and identity as a spectrum. They are expected to read books, or have men dressed as women read them books, promoting these woke ideas. You are not simply a boy with he/him pronouns. Be the “bravest among society,” as Biden has stated, and rethink the essence of your identity year after year as LGBTQ+ agenda is being taught at every single grade level when sexuality has no place in the classroom. The taxpayers are funding this too. They’re deliberating confusing and disrupting young minds. There is absolutely no educational value in teaching children these adult topics, but the goal is to groom children to side with the state over their own families.