Parents Protest Trans Agenda Outside Trudeau’s Office

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Parents across Canada and the US are furious that woke policies have infiltrated classrooms. Over the weekend, hundreds of Muslim parents protested in front of PM Justin Trudeau’s office – “LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!”

Since they are Muslim, the media is having a hard time deeming them far-right extremists and white supremacists. These protests have been ongoing for weeks, and Trudeau has completely ignored their valid concerns. Children are being brainwashed into thinking gender is a choice. Every grade level continues to hammer this idea that most people were not born their biological gender, and kids should question their entire identity without input from parents.

Canada began collecting census data on those who identify trans. There are more people who identify as trans than ever before. Statistics Canada only collects data of those over 15, but the figure is also rising among pre-pubescent young children who do not even understand these concepts. One in three people over the age of 15 now identity as trans gender or non-binary in Canada – two-thirds (62%) are under 35. Canada calls it “gender diversity.”

A 2022 study found that the trans youth population has doubled in the past five years and has grown every year since these woke policies reached Canadian and American public schools. The study only studied youth over the age of 13, but said the sharpest uptick was among the 13 to 17-year-old population. They claim people now feel more comfortable coming out, but if that were the case, older generations who understand the concept would be noting a sharper uptick. The study simply shows the grooming is working.

Why are our governments pushing our children to question their identity? Something is very wrong.