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Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program for Transexuals

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San Francisco is launching a guaranteed basic income pilot program for transexuals. These individuals are capable of working, but the woke government believes that others should provide them with free money for simply existing. San Francisco’s Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program will provide 55 individuals a monthly payment of $1,200 for simply being transexual. Conservative legal group Judicial Watch is filing a lawsuit to stop this obscene program.

An anonymous representative from San Francisco’s Transgender District, yes, a legally recognized district for transsexuals, said that trans people face discrimination and giving them no-string attached cash will “have a little bit more ease with their finances.” They fail to see the obvious issues here that need no explanation. This initiative will create a further divide as all Americans could use a bit of extra assistance and likely do not want their taxes sent to someone based on their sexual identity or lack thereof.

Easter is Transgender Day

Judicial Watch is suing Mayor Longdon Breed for violating the equal protection clause in California’s Constitution. This asinine law also violated the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, which provides “equal protection” to all persons born or naturalized in the United States.

I have spoken on the economic insinuations of Guaranteed Basic Income programs that always fail. Our welfare system has seriously altered human behavior as it pays people not to work. Worse, it incentivizes those who cannot afford children to have more children. California has more debt than any other state in the US and simply cannot afford this program, but these blindsided lawmakers are desperate for votes. Lawmakers are attempting to implement these pilot programs throughout the country, and some are specifically targeting minority groups, which is utterly unconstitutional.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum said basic income is “basically plausible” and believes it is necessary for the Great Reset. He denies that it would incentivize people not to work:

“I deny that people would then put their hands in their lap and sit lazily at home. A nurse in Germany with 2000 euros gross pay might today feel worn out. If, however, she were to receive a basic income, she might see it as recognition, and she would have a different basic attitude towards her work. In the future, if jobs are swept away due to digitalization, we need, on the other hand, a humanization of society. Industrial jobs will be gone, but there will be more social work to be done, like medical and health care.”

In 2017, Schwab said that the need for Guaranteed Basic Income would present itself and become a topic of discussion. Interestingly, that is precisely when our war model is turning up.

All those migrants fled from socialism for a reason. It should be illegal for lawmakers to make these socialistic promises that pander to their voting base and all but ensure blue votes. Society simply cannot function without everyone making meaningful contributions. Innovation ceases under socialism and communism, and society becomes locked in the past. Look at Cuba, for example, where they are stuck in a relic of the 1980s. Then “money” loses its value when it is handed out freely, and instead of everyone being equal, everyone simply has nothing while the government has everything.

Free money becomes like a drug and the people become hooked on receiving that monthly direct deposit. But, as with all drug, they will become dependent and will need more and more as the cost of living increases. This will only incentivize people not to work and vote for politicians who promise handouts at the expense of responsible taxpayers.