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Berkshire Hathaway: CEI Score 0

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Berkshire Hathaway managed to score a total of zero imaginary woke points on the Corporate Equality Index. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) investigates how woke a business has become, solely on LGBTQ+ policies, and assigns it a woke credit core (CEI). I mentioned in another post how this score has become increasingly harder to obtain, with the organization making obscene demands regarding employer-funded healthcare and practices. So is Warren Buffett secretly homophobic to receive the lowest possible CEI score? No.

Buffett simply declined to report Berkshire Hathaway’s business to the Human Rights Campaign. The company did not suffer as a result. No one is forced to report their company’s policies to this agency, and yet nearly all Fortune 500 companies do. The HRC states it has over “1,200 participants,” meaning companies are choosing to pander to the woke agenda.

The HRC has been cracking down on businesses for over 20 years and the requirements have become completely ridiculous. “We get surveys all the time … on all kinds of things, and we basically don’t answer them,” explained Buffett in a 2014 interview, and added it’s Berkshire’s practice not to respond to surveys. Furthermore, Buffett does not dictate policies for the companies under Berkshire.

So yes, it really is that simple. Companies need to come together and agree to refrain from reporting to the HRC and giving any credit to this social score. The HRC, backed by Soros, has turned human rights into a culture war that is destroying companies (see: Anheuser Busch). It has taken numerous failed marketing campaigns for companies to realize that the woke agenda is bad for business. I know a gay man who said he detests “rainbow marketing” and finds it offensive. These businesses try to appease the HRC but should focus on their clients. I disagree with Buffett on many topics, but this is one case where I believe he is correct.