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The Gates of Hell

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I think Bill Gates will go down in history as in the list of the top 5 demons who have waged war against humanity. He represents what some call the Gates of Hell. Nobody will stop this guy; he is out to reduce the world’s population, no different than Hitler or Stalin. Nothing this guy does shows he cares about humanity. The Telegraph reported back in September 2018:

“The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has delivered a stark warning on population growth in Africa, saying if left unchecked, it could unravel decades of progress and fuel instability across the globe.”

WSJ 2009 Shrink Population Gates

Gates pretends to care about society with his FORCE vaccines. Yet this is contrary to all his efforts that claim we are doomed unless we REDUCE population as his father did with abortions and Planned Parenthood.

2009 Ginsberg Eugenics

They were very clever in telling women it was their RIGHT to kill their children. Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it clear when she got to the Supreme Court it had NOTHING to do with women’s rights — it was all about reducing the population, especially among minorities, not much different than Hitler with his Aryan Race. Just last year, Gates launched a program for condoms in Africa. Even back in 2013, GATES SWORE HE WOULD REINVENT THE CONDOM.

Why would ANYONE believe Gates on anything? These vaccines are NOT intended to help society. Klaus Schwab also makes the short-list of the greatest threat to humanity. His World Economic Forum joined Bill Gates-controlled GAVI to promote using biometric tracking technology to force-vaccinate African children to take Gates’ malaria vaccine that does not even work. This vaccine produced deadly meningitis in at least one out of a hundred children receiving four doses.

NOBODY will stop the WEF or Bill Gates because our career politicians sanction whatever they want to do if perhaps the bribes are big enough.