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The 2020 COVID Crash Appears it was a Manipulation

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Build Back Better 1


Climate Change Clock

The Build Back Better slogan was actually all prepared in 2019 BEFORE Covid. This entire movement was set in motion using the virus to stage this event all for climate change. Every step of the way this propaganda has been orchestrated in high gear which took off in August 2019. The Climate Clock was turned on in September 2020. The Guardian even published that their agenda is to lock down the world economy every two years to meet the arbitrary agenda of the UN’s Paris Accord.

DJIND W March 2020 Crash


Our investigation of the March 2020 Crash indicates that it was a failed attempt to crash the economy to roll out the Build Back Better agenda. Note that the crash was just 6 weeks and the move was 19.39% on the sixth week. To compare this even to 1929, by week six the decline was only 7.32%. The only comparison is actually the 1987 Crash which took 8 weeks to bottom. There the 8th week was 25.31%. However, from the 1987 Crash, it took 78 weeks to elect the first Weekly Bullish Reversal. Here it took just 19 weeks to elect the first Weekly Bullish Reversal.


DJIND W 1987 Crash Energy DJIND W 2020 Crash Energy


Here is a comparison of the 1987 Crash with that of the 2020 Crash using our Energy Models. Note how Energy peak with the formation of the high whereas going into the high we saw a massive reduction in Energy. When the market crashed, Energy rose and remained high. Besides the fact that it was the shortest crash in history, the market was bouncing back rapidly. All indications are that those behind the Great Reset were hoping to create an economic depression and to undermine the stock market in hopes of overthrowing Trump. What they did not count on was the shift from PUBLIC to PRIVATE assets.

FDR New Deal Cartoon 1024x945

When we look at the events and how they unfolded, it appears that this was a failed attempt to undermine the economy to support this Build Back Better agenda which would have been easier from a Great Depression vantage point as was the case to Roosevelt.

The World Economic Forum does not allow transparency. They keep their finances TOP SECRET. There have long been serious concerns about Klaus Schwab’s conflicts of interest and his lack of transparency with respect to the financial data of his World Economic Forum. Others have been concerned that his family’s background has been scrubbed from the internet to hide the fact that family members aided Hitler.

Schwab Godfather

With Schwab’s unprecedented control over world leaders, it is not that surprising that nobody will ever investigate his operation nor ask for full disclosure of their operations.