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Schwab & How One Man Can Be So Powerful

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Schwab Wife

QUESTION: Hello, all the world’s leading figures are part of the WEF. But how is
it possible that one man was able to brainwash everyone? It seems


Nigel Farage 2019 WEC

ANSWER: When Nigel Farage spoke at our 2019 Rome World Economic Conference, he said he came because we were the “alternative to Davos.” For years I have been on the opposite side of the table from Schwab. Why have the politicians embraced him instead of me? Very simple. My solution to the debt crisis necessitates that they give up some power. Schwab’s solution was to seize more control.

Kicking Can Down Road

The politicians have reached the end of the road where they have constantly been kicking the can down the road. The game is up. They have been borrowing year after year with no intention of ever paying off debt. They lowered rates artificially, and that not only failed to stimulate the economy since the 2014 move to negative rates, but they have committed political and economic suicide. So they have created this COVID scam to crush the economy in support of Schwab’s idea of stakeholder economics, which will be a hybrid of communism and feudalism where the elite will own everything just like the aristocrats. We, the peasants, will be stripped of our right even to vote because we are obviously too stupid to see the vision of the future only they can see. Creating this one-world government will end all wars and save the planet.



So the politicians have bought into this agenda BECAUSE they will retain power and move toward authoritarian rule eliminating democracy once and for all. It was the election of Trump that made them wake up and suddenly see that the people rallied to a non-politician. They saw “POPULISM” as dangerous to their self-interest, and since 2016, they have moved to agree with Schwab to end this horrible ability of the public to get rid of them – the career politicians. It’s us they hate the most — the Great Unwashed who are too stupid to know what is best for them – only a politician has such a right!

The Ends justify Means

It is not that Schwab has the power to order them to comply, they have embraced Schwab to retain power at all costs. To them, they are stripping us of all humanity little by little. The ends justify the means.