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Nobody will be Safe if they are Vaccinated

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Mandatory Vaccine

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines, which contain tiny fragments of the genetic material known as “messenger ribonucleic acid.” There have been deep concerns that this entire technology may have long-term implications for human society.  There was a Swedish study that tested whether the vaccine’s mRNA could be converted to DNA and found that this was the case in certain lab-altered liver cell lines under experimental conditions. The mainstream media immediately came charging out to defend Pfizer, as always. They immediately downplayed the study, claiming that it did not assess whether the vaccine alters the human genome or what the effects of that would be. The mainstream media was banning anyone who dared to say the vaccines were harmful in any possible way.

MEDIS Trust is so low

The mainstream media sought out people who would defend Pfizer, calling them experts, saying additional research is needed because the findings in the lab setting cannot be used to make inferences about what might happen in a human body. This has led to a lot of people hoping that journalists defending Pfizer were really vaccinated rather than with water, for they deserve what they have sown. You do not mandate the entire world to be vaccinated with anything that has not been tested for long-term effects. That is no different than the medical experiments carried out by the Nazis.

Coronavirus Cycle

I did an interview in Canada back in 2020, and I just mentioned that the whole COVID-19 was a scam based on SOURCES that Klaus Schwab told friends before anyone heard of COVID-19 that a “virus was coming.”  The interviewer was suddenly canceled. My sources are renowned. I stated emphatically that Schwab had made phone calls and told people a virus was coming. This was BEFORE anyone heard of COVID-19.


This is a tactic of psychological warfare. You demonize something or someone, and you create such fear that you turn to them as your savior. COVID-19, I believe, was deliberately created in a lab; I had information in ADVANCE that a “virus was coming,” and that was told to friends of Schwab. This was used for absolute tyranny, and they are using Climate Change in the very same manner.



The truth is starting to surface. This miscarriage rate among vaccinated girls is off the charts. I know of young girls who were vaccinated and began to experience problems with their periods. We know that Fauci gave questionable testimony. I know of several people who suddenly had cancers emerge months after being vaccinated and who were in perfect health before. I know of several young people who died of heart problems in their 20s after being vaccinated. Mainstream media has conspired against the people and refuses to expose anything except cancel everyone who dares to question the narrative.


WSJ 2009 Shrink Population

The real question is, was this an intentional effort to reduce the world population, which has also been a stated goal of Bill Gates and his pet billionaires? When will someone start a class action suit against these people and demand all the communications between them? They are going after Trump and all his Twitter files. How about those involved in COVID-19 right through to the WEF? Defend the people just for once instead of trying to silence all dissent.

Bill Gates told the world: “But you don’t have a choice. People act like you have a choice, you don’t have a choice,” Bill Gates proclaimed three years ago in regards to the mRNA vaccine. He financially benefited from this, owning all sorts of rights, and NOBODY dares to ask anything!



There is something VERY VERY VERY wrong here. This is from the CDC’s website, which clearly has a section on the measles vaccine (MMR), warning that those who have these conditions should NOT be vaccinated. That is absent concerning COVID. Why?

CDC Covid Vaccine

Now, here is the page from the CDC on the COVID-19 vaccine, which they have taken down. There is no section whatsoever to warn people who should NOT be vaccinated. Why? Not only has the mainstream media conspired against the people, but our own governments.

2032 Beyond

The Monetary System is collapsing. I believe Schwab has taken our 2032 and converted it into his Great Reset, which he intends to create his version of Communism or modern-day Serfdom. They know the system is collapsing, and this is all about power and how to retain it over the scum beneath their feet – we, the people. What mainstream media is covering up is absolutely sickening. They have sown their own future, for when 2032 comes, I am sure that the people will rise-up and ensure that any such media operation is ever again conspiring against the people and that they deserve the worst criminal penalty possible.