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Is Schwab Evil?

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A number of people have asked why I do not believe that Schwab is evil. What I am saying is he does not think what he is doing is evil. He really believes his deranged economic theories are beneficial. What Schwab has done will unleash evil, but I do not think he intended it that way. He is very strategic and is intentionally trying to force his economic theories upon the world and holds no respect for the people or allowing them to have a voice. He is anti-democratic. That is often just a typical academic which are more left-wing than even center.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

Marx did not foresee that 200 million people would die because of his economic ideas. That is different from someone like Stalin who intentionally killed people. What I fault Schwab for is his academic perspective that the business cycle can be eliminated and that justifies all-powerful authoritarian government because there can be no democratic process which is the root of capitalism and freedom to create while following your dreams. By claiming “checks and balances” must not be forgotten is a statement that the right of the people to vote must come to an end. He accomplished that in Europe where the head of state and the European Commission never stand for election only MPs who have no power and are just there for window-dressing.

Hence, he does NOT see himself as evil and is not intentionally comprehending the death toll behind his ideas as was the case with Karl Marx. Both academic fools who never researched how the economy and society truly function.