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Fingerprint Cards AB – One BIG Step Closer to Digital IDs

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) quietly partnered with Fingerprint Cards AB, the world’s leading biometrics company. The WEF has been discussing combining biometric data with financial services since at least 2016. Fingerprint Cards AB, based in Sweden, specializes in digital security and aims to make humans “the key to everything.” The company has installed programs on nearly every device, from smartphones to smart homes, and relies on personal data to access accounts. This new partnership with the World Economic Forum is intended to push forward the digital ID system in the quest for total control.

The United Nations (UN) also partnered with the WEF to implement digital IDs. As their video explains, they will track you “from the day you join to the day you part.” The UN wants humanity to store all their data on their digital IDs and, as with all invasive technology, markets the program as a solution for simplicity. The World Economic Forum has long said that the push for the Great Reset would require the people to surrender their privacy. The technology from Fingerprint Card AB was the missing link.

This company will use biometric data such as fingerprints, iris scans, DNA, and even inserted chip devices to link all of humanity to one centralized banking system. Going a step further, the goal of a one-world government would provide one centralized group with the power to access this data. Socrates indicates this plot will fail, but the road to failure will be long and destructive. Everyone will be linked to this global database, and it will be impossible to participate in society without joining. The WEF wants digital IDs to link to personal bank accounts for ultimate control. Gone are the days when the superior army ruled. Whoever controls the data will control everything and everyone.

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