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Zelensky Visits White House Today – A Disgrace to Democracy

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After threatening to send American troops to die in Ukraine if Congress did not approve the latest blank check for Ukraine, Biden has invited Zelensky to travel to the White House today. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the invite will “underscore the United States’ unshakeable commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend themselves against Russia’s brutal invasion.” Who has unwavering support for Ukraine besides the Neocons? Joe Biden’s approval continues to decline as his support for Ukraine rises. Our elected officials have repeatedly voted to cease funding. And yet, our president has chosen to dismiss the wishes of the people and their representatives.


America has already sent Zelensky over $111 billion to fight this proxy war. Billions have gone missing from the Pentagon since the war in Ukraine began, and there is no telling how much the government actually gave to Zelensky. Biden’s latest check would be worth $61.4 billion, bringing the US closer to having spent $200 billion on Ukraine since 2022. The entire Ukrainian government is on the US payroll on top of the endless funding to combat Russian aggression.

Do the people not see how offensive Zelensky’s visit is to US democracy? The people said no, the elected officials said no, but the “big guy” at the top is acting as a dictator and dismissing the wishes of the people. The American public has had a significantly lower standard of living since Biden took office, and I cannot think of anyone who wants to pass off our money to a foreign government to fight an undefeatable war.

Zelensky’s presence in Washington is an absolute disgrace to democracy. If the president of the United States cared about his country, he would invite the US Customs & Border Patrol to the White House and focus on redirecting funds to fix America’s broken border. Americans simply want to afford groceries and housing again, but the Biden Administration is DELIBERATELY making it harder for everyone to stay afloat.