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Zelensky – The Madman of Ukraine

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The bias of the Western Press is just unimaginable. I reported previously that our contacts in both Serbia and Hungary were reflecting overwhelming support for Putin and Russia. The press can’t report on anything honestly and calls Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor an “authoritarian” or a “nationalist” because anyone who dares to go against their agenda is evil. The BBC reported Orbán said: “We have such a victory it can be seen from the moon, but it’s sure that it can be seen from Brussels.”

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It has been widely known that Serbia was very pro-Russia. I reported from our readers in Serbia that they were sick and tired of the West’s propaganda that they saw Zelensky for what he was – a puppet of the West. But the Western press will not report the truth about Zelensky and his covert connections. The press is oblivious to the truth and constantly paints Zelensky as a hero when in fact not merely did he outlaw the Russian language in a country made up of 30% Russians and over 50% also speak Russian, but he has also attacked the Russian Religion – he has been seeking to also outlaw Russian Orthodox Christianity.

Ukraine Timeline

These are actions that caused Putin to recognize independence for the Donbas but when VP Harris, at the Munich Security Conference on February 20th said Ukraine should join NATO, four days later Putin invaded. One must ask – was this all intentional or just stupidity?

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So while Zelensky pretends to be a soldier for the cameras simultaneously preaching World War III to everyone else, his actions show a deep-seated hatred of the Russian people, especially those who live in the Donbas. He has made no effort to end the civil war since taking office in 2019. The West ignores Zelensky’s action outlawing the Russian language and his more recent attempt to outlaw the Russian Orthodox religion. Orbán immediately criticized Zelensky who the Press will NEVER criticize because all they ever preach is the agenda of the Neocons and their determination to manufacture World War III.

Religious liberty in Ukraine has been put at risk by Zelensky but the Press will not report that. The West will not report religious complaints about Zelensky from Putin. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has become a political partner in this invasion of Ukraine. Putin is defending the Russian people against this anger from the West and even their religion. Moscow Patriarch Kirill has given the full religious blessing to the regime’s foreign policy agenda. Why?

Freedom Religion

Moscow Church St BasilWhat is NOT being reported is that Zelensky has been proposing the draft Law of Ukraine No. 7204 of March 22, 2022 “On Banning the Moscow Patriarchate on the Territory of Ukraine”, published on the VR website, its author is Oksana Savchuk, a deputy who entered the Rada on the lists of the All-Ukrainian Association “Svoboda” party in district No. 83 (Ivano-Frankivsk). Zelensky is attempting to even usurp the religion and ban in Ukraine the Moscow Patriarchate – the Russian Orthodox Church and religious organizations that are part of it, “including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

This is like King Henry VIII who seized the Catholic Church, stole all its wealth, and created the Church of England eliminating the Pope. Zelensky is doing the same to terminate the Moscow Patriarchate as the head of the church in Ukraine. This is the man the West is cheering and never reports on what Putin is saying about the assault on religion.

This would be like the Jews seizing control of the Temple Mount and outlawing Islam. Hillary and others only talk about Ukrainians defending their home. About 30% of Ukraine are Russian and they do not like having their language being banned, the attempt to outlaw their religion as well.

Orbán proclaimed Zelensky is evil and he stands with the EU and George Soros. He said: “This is a victory over the left at home, the international left, the bureaucrats in Brussels, the money of the Soros empire, the international media, and even the Ukrainian president.” Orbán and Serbia along with many in the Middle East, Asia, and even India, are starting to see this man calling for World War III as the greatest single threat to world peace. But the Western press will not report the full scope of his actions that show it is not democracy he seeks, but tyranny.

Orbán has so far refused to allow the supply of weapons to Ukraine or even permit military aid to pass through Hungarian territory. He gas angered NATO allies and Zelensky, who has called the Hungarian prime minister “[Vladimir] Putin’s only European supporter”. But it is Zelensky who could have simply let the Donbas go but prefers to put Ukraine through a living hell many are starting to see that he is just a puppet of the Neocons.



It is also interesting to see Hillary Clinton coming out all the time filling the airwaves with hatred of Russia. Hillary has always been one of the Neocons who started the hatred of Putin by creating the fake Steele Dossier to claim Putin interfered in the 2016 election. She has now been fined by the Federal Election Commission but the press ignores all that and how much it cost the country is fake investigations. She accomplished her goal – 70% of Democrats believed Russia was the evil empire.

All my sources clearly say that Zelensky is a FRAUD. To the Italian Parliament, he claimed Russians were kidnapping children and torturing them with no proof. Then he claims that when the Russian left a town there were bodies everywhere when in fact that was another false flag and Russia has called for a UN security council meeting to look into this bullshit. Then he tells the Netherlands they will be next so start World War III now!


The US merely takes whatever Zelensky says and files charges against Russia like war crimes. It is actions like this that ensure we will NEVER return to world peace when all that is hurled at Russia is pure hatred. Never before the Biden Administration did we EVER witness any American President despise the head of Russia or China deliberately refusing to act civil. Even Kennedy sought peace through negotiation as did Nixon, Carter, and Reagan. We have no peacemakers today – only warmongers.

Then Zelensky appeared on the Grammys to sell the idea of war to the American people. Would they ever put Putin on to listen to his side of the story? Of course not!  I really wish everyone who cheers Zelensky should just go to Ukraine and go try and kill as many Russians as they want since they have been filled with such hate thanks to all the brainwashing. He could settle this and simply comply with (1) the 1991 Belgrade Agreement and Ukraine staying NEUTRAL, and (2) the Minsk Agreement and let the Russian section decide their own fate after he reversed the law and demanded that ONLY Ukrainian is the official language.

Polish Army forces have been put on alert near the border with Ukraine for Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate in good faith has created a change in plans. The Belarusian Armed Forces are preparing to enter the war and will attack Zelensky in Kyiv for they too have a national security risk as Zelensky keeps trying to drum up World War III and keeps pushing for NATO to enter. Belarus will take western Ukraine up to the border with Poland and Russia will take the East. We may see this launch by next week and this will mean that Zelensky has put Ukraine at risk for his refusal to negotiate in good faith honoring the Belgrade and Minsk Agreements.

Zelensky Playing Soldier

Hungary Serbia Zelensky

Zelensky has supported the Ukrainian Nazis who have even bragged that they feed the bones of Russian-speaking children to their pet wolves. He could have easily resolved this entire crisis by releasing the very people Zelensky hates so much. He knows what he is doing by constantly trying to get NATO to enter Ukraine which will be World War III that he said has already started. He will go down in history as someone up there with Adolf Hitler when the dust settles. He wants all our children to die for his personal hatred. Pushing Russia against the wall will only lead to Nuclear War. He has divided the entire world and it seems he is following orders. He cannot be this reckless.