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Zelensky Looking at the US to Wage Economic War Against Russia

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Over the weekend, Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that he is hoping US financial pressure on Russia will end the war. “So far, I think that the United States of America is the accelerator of the sanction policies and I think they do more than any other country. And this is the way it should be because they are the most powerful country right now. I see the same support with respect to sanctions from the United Kingdom,” Zelensky told reporters at Fox.

The Ukrainian leader admitted that he needs the US to be involved in the war, economically, which is selfishly pushing the nation and all of NATO into World War III. On top of sanctions, President Biden just appealed to Congress for $33 billion in aid to help Ukraine. Only $3 billion of that will go to food and humanitarian programs to help civilians and the five million Ukrainian refugees, while $8.5 billion will go toward economic aid. An alarming $20 billion will go directly toward assisting military action against Russia.

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Putin is not exaggerating by calling the West an aggressor, as it is no different from Ukraine calling it the “accelerator.” The press is painting Putin out to be a madman hellbent on war with the world. His goal from the beginning was clear – secure land that he believes belongs to Russia. He had NO intention of provoking NATO nations or creating a global disaster. The press was certain that Putin would declare war against the US and others on May 9, Victory Day, which symbolizes when the nation defeated the axis powers in World War II. Let us not forget that the axis powers would have won the last world war if not for Russia. The UK and US have been memorialized as the victors, but Russia experienced more casualties than either nation.

The US and other nations have unofficially declared an economic war on Russia. We are a few missteps short of a full-fledged war to the likes we have never seen. Zelensky wants other nations to get involved and join the war, even if that means the loss of millions of lives.