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Zelensky Calls for NATO to Launch Nuclear Weapons

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The West should announce it will cut off all military support for Ukraine and they should yield the Donbas to Russia since that has been Russian Territory for centuries, for Zelensky is out of his mind. This is a TV comedian who neither appreciates life nor the fact that he is pushing the entire world into war all for his demands. Ukraine needs to replace his idiot with someone who is rational and understands that in every war, ALWAYS there are more civilian deaths than soldiers. He never changes his shirt all to pretend he is at war, hiding in his bunker while he puts his entire country at risk for land that was entitled to vote for their separation which was the Minsk Agreement.

assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

This many will cause nuclear war in the United States. He is totally insane and has openly refused to negotiate any peace until Putin is overthrown. If that happens, the real hardlines will come and his bunker will not save his ass from a major direct nuclear attack. I am very familiar with the seething hatred between Ukrainians and Russians. It was that same hatred of Serbs that launched World War I and 7% of the world population died. Those who cheer Ukraine on, will not be armchair generals in this war. He is bringing it to every continent and to a neighborhood near you.

I warned from the start – this guy will start World War III. Are you willing to lose everything for the Donbas in all countries?

NOBODY will even talk about peace anymore. 

Schwab – you better tell your monkey to back off. Geneva is on the hit list.