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Yellen Says America Has Not Done Enough for Ukraine

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Janet Yellen never has anything of value to say, but she is the US Treasury Secretary and a mouthpiece for the globalists. Janet Yellen believes that Europe needs “us [USA] to do our part for this to hold together as a package,” despite sending Ukraine more funding than any other nation. Yellen said it is America’s responsibility to maintain Ukraine’s infrastructure and fund their entire private sector.

“By 2030, America will no longer be the leading superpower,” the World Economic Forum continually warns. The politicians do not care about the deep hole America has dug itself into by spending with no end in sight. They do not care that our debt has become less attractive to numerous nations and the buyers of last resort are also shying away from government debt. The pillars of a strong economy do not matter to the current leaders because the goal is global. Yellen said that continual aid for Ukraine is of the utmost priority.

2022_12_21_Zelenskyy_no_country_is_safe_if_Ukraine Falls

“Well, it’s a critical priority for the President, and critical to the national security of our country. I can’t prognosticate about the timetable on this. I’m pleased that Congress has passed legislation to keep the government open and running, but it really is essential that this aid be provided both to Israel and to Ukraine. We can’t allow Ukraine to lose a battle on the homefront because it lacks enough money to keep schoolteachers in the classroom and first responders on the job when it’s fighting valiantly on the battlefield. So, Ukraine is utterly dependent on this aid. We need to join others. Our European friends are providing — have provided 50 billion euro[s] of aid to Ukraine over the next four years, the IMF has provided over 15 billion. They need us to do our part for this to hold together as a package. And, of course, Israel urgently needs aid as well. And this aid is critical to the national security of America, if Putin were to win this brutal war in Ukraine, next, we might see him attacking a NATO ally of ours. We need to stop this.”

Do people realize that these wars have absolutely nothing to do with US national security? According to a new poll released this week by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, less than half (45%) of Americans believe we are overextending our aid in Ukraine. Yellen and the 55% of Americans who support perpetual blank checks are free to empty their wallets for Zelensky. These are the same people complaining of high interest rates and inflation, utterly unaware that war is the primary driver of inflation.