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World War III Begins – Israel v Palestine

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Hamas troops penetrated the Iron Dome and descended upon Israel this weekend, murdering and kidnapping civilians. Israel has declared war on Palestine, and US warships are in route to the area. The West supports Israel through and through, but it comes as no coincidence that Biden provided Iran with $6 billion in September.

Now Iran sees Palestine as the West sees Ukraine – cannon fodder for a proxy war. Disposable. The Iranian Parliament was seen chanting “DEATH TO ISRAEL. DEATH TO AMERICA” on the day the attacks began. Palestine has an even more powerful ally – CHINA. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in June for a three-day visit. “We have always firmly supported the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights,” Xi stated.

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Peace talks between Palestine and Israel ended in 2014. China may have mended tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but Israel-Palestine is another issue entirely. The land dispute in this region can be traced back to biblical days. Historians believe Palestine comes from the word “Philistia” or Philistines who are cited in the Torah and Old Testament as sworn enemies of the Jews. Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike know the story of King David battling the Philistines to become king of Israel, albeit they all interpret him a bit differently. You can read a rough overview of events here.

This is MASSIVE. Some are calling this Israel’s 9/11 as the attacks are completely unprecedented. In fact, Biden gave Iran $6 billion last month on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 for good measure. The US military PAID $3.3 billion to Israel in 2022 and helped them develop the Iron Dome, which was thought to be almost impenetrable unless someone gave away those state secrets ($). Every adult in Israel has received basic military training, and everyone is prepared for war. So we think young men in their 20s from a terrorist militia managed to penetrate the Iron Dome without help from a foreign power?

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Who benefits here? Palestine and Israel will fight to the death and have been awaiting an opportunity to do so. There will be untold casualties and this is a very unfortunate moment in history. Russia sees the West is about to stretch their resources extremely thin. China may also prove to be the main victor as the West is distracted with two separate wars, both of which China has managed to avoid direct participation in…for now. Again, Mahmoud Abbas likened his struggles with Palestine to what China faces with Taiwan in terms of the modern world not supporting their view of how the map should look. China sent “technical delegations” to support Palestine earlier this summer. Their alliance is not new.

The computer had been predicting a large uptick in the war cycle, but I personally could not have predicted an attack of this nature. The lines have been drawn in the sand and sides have been solidified. The West is now deeply involved in two proxy wars and there is no going back.