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Will the War in Palestine End this Weekend?

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Pres. Biden said he “hopes” to have an Israel-Hamas cease-fire in Gaza by next Monday, adding, his national security advisor says “we’re close.” The comments from the president came during a stop at Van Leeuwen’s ice cream shop in New York City.

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“Resident” Joe Biden announced that the Israel-Palestine war may end in a ceasefire by this weekend. The mid-bite mumble over his favorite accessory, a relatable American ice cream cone, did not spark much confidence. Our models do not indicate that this war will simply end over the weekend. This was merely an attempt to pander to the voters leaving the Democratic Party in droves over its support for Israel.

The United States vetoed plans for a ceasefire one week ago at the United Nations Security Council even under the conditions that all hostages be released. Among the 15 voting members, the United States was the only nation to vote against a ceasefire, while the UK refrained from voting for the third time. This was the third time the US voted against ending the war on Palestine. China, Russia, France, Qatar, Japan, Algeria, Albania, Malta, the UAE, Switzerland, Mozambique, Ecuador, Ghana, and Gabon all support a ceasefire. Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Norway, Cuba, and nearly every other nation are urging for a ceasefire as well, but the neocons in Washington will not allow it.

“The US veto sends a wrong message, pushing the situation in Gaza into a more dangerous one,” China’s voting member said. Russia believes that the US is buying time for “inhumane plans” in Gaza.

Even the cowardly terrorists hiding behind civilians are surprised at America’s position. “President Joe Biden and his administration bear direct responsibility for derailing the resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza,” Hamas said in a statement reported by Al Jazeera, and while this is not accurate, there is no denying that the neocons funding this war are allowing it to continue. Remember, Palestine does not have armed forces or an official military, while Israel has one of the most advanced military forces in the world. This is less of a war and more of an outright attack on Palestine at this point. We still do not have answers on how these untrained young men were able to penetrate the Iron Dome.

Israel is America’s vassal state and stronghold in the Middle East. More importantly, the US and Israel have been discussing plans to build a canal to rival the Suez Canal for over 50 years. I have discussed the Ben Gurion Canal Project in further detail on this blog and in special reports that would lead to not only a lucrative world trade opportunity but the chance for America to place nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Remember, Biden has been saying since his time as a Senator that the US would “have to invent” an Israel if one did not already exist.

So, while Biden may attempt to take credit for implementing a temporary ceasefire months after three rounds of vetoes by the United States at the United Nations, the war and plans for Gaza are not yet complete.