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Will Taiwan be Next?

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Taiwan ECM 2

QUESTION: Marty, I see your point. Do you think China will go after Taiwan now as the world is distracted by Ukraine?


ANSWER: Eventually yes. The timing appears to be more leaning to 2023 during the first quarter. I will deal with that in the coming report on War. The computer is clearly showing this is going to escalate – not subside. The West has demonized Russia and that is what is necessary to support a war effort. They have to get the people to HATE the target.

That much they have done. They succeeded in getting people to hate Putin and then they attribute that hate to all the Russian people. The resentment over Vietnam has still provided the basic elements for the same against China. Even calling COVID the CCP virus adds to that component necessary for war. Hate crimes against Asians in New York have become a thing since COVID. You must always demonize your opponent to create support for the objective. Next, we will see the expulsion of diplomats between the US and Russia. That will also contribute to the escalation of this event into 2023.