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Will Russia Push the Button?

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Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov (born 1954) is a major TV host, and his latest warning to the West is to issue an ultimatum to the UK and the US. On Russian TV, Kiselyov warned that if a Western power deploys soldiers on the ground in Ukraine to ‘inflict a strategic defeat on Russia,’ it will result in Armageddon. Of course, what I find stunning is how the Western press characterizes him as “Vladimir Putin’s propagandist,” and the implication of those words is that they are not a real threat. The press takes NOTHING said from Russia seriously – it’s all a joke, just propaganda. As they said of Rome when it fell, the Romans were still laughing, watching the games to notice they had been invaded. Not a single journalist has any integrity, for they never consider when they are reading the American/European propaganda that what if they are sleepwalking society into nuclear war?

Kiselyov is not going to say this on national TV without the Kremlin actually delivering this warning. He said:

‘If Nato countries send their troops into Ukraine in order to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, then the very moment about which Putin once said, “Why do we need the world, if there is no Russia in it?” would come.‌”

Russia has indeed threatened to ‘turn the US into radioactive ash’ and ‘sink Britain’ below the waves. While some NATO leaders have been more circumspect, this need for war to justify the defaulting on debt that is the real factor behind the West’s desire for war will have far greater consequences than these fake world leaders who are all hand puppets of the Neocons. Kiselyov added: “This is not propaganda.” Yet in the West, the Neocons are saying this is a bluff, and Putin will never use Nukes so the West can completely destroy Russia – their hated enemy for decades, without a shot fired?

I have an old Russian friend who we met back in Tokyo some 20 years ago.  She has reiterated to me a question, and she is NOT political or involved in the government.

“Why does the world hate us so much?”

This is where my experience with governments and geopolitics clashes with the reality of humanity. I know the answer is that these fake leaders will NEVER admit that borrowing year after year to get votes is coming to an end and they can no longer sustain our present monetary system—which is why they are moving to CBDCs, and many are talking about now taxing even unrealized gains in stocks and real estate. They think they can cover up their disastrous fiscal mismanagement since World War II with war.

NATO is scared to death if there is no threat of war, then they will be irrelevant and defunded with the money going to Climate Change. They should heed the words of Mahatma Gandhi, but of course, they will NEVER listen: “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” If NATO keeps up this propaganda that Russia will invade and seek to conquer Europe, what they are doing is pushing Russia into a corner where they might as well commit the annihilation they have been accused of harboring.


When I went into the Kakadu in North Australia and lived off the land for two weeks, my guide, who was the real live version of Crocodile Dundee, warned me that a wounded snake is far more aggressive and even more vigorous/dangerous, so never approach such a snake or I would be dead in minutes. No amount of “training” can prevent terrified wild animals from behaving instinctively or defensively, and trainers and handlers cannot always protect themselves and the public. This has been documented many times with trainers being attacked.

Propaganda Fake News

To think for even one second that a nation will not defend itself when its existence is threatened is absolute stupidity. But we have no real investigative journalists and the mainstream media are just propaganda agents that they are accusing Kiselyov of being. Russia will launch whatever it has, as would China, and so would the United States if it is about to be conquered. A defeated person is ALWAYS far more dangerous, just as that snake I was warned about.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

This war would be over in 24 hours—instruct Zelensky to HONOR the Minsk Agreement that the West negotiated to buy time to start this war. The West played Putin for a fool. He has offered peace many times. But the West wants the war to cover up the collapse of this, ending borrowing with no intention of ever paying off any debt. All pensions will collapse when they get to the point that they are unable to sell new debt to pay off the old.

Zelensky Pope

The Pope offered to step in to negotiate peace and Zelensky told him to mind his own business.


I warned on February 22, 2022, that Volodymyr Zelensky would be the man they hired to create World War III. My sources made it clear that the election was rigged. The oligarch behind Zelensky was the same one who hired Hunter Biden. Our future will be destroyed by this man who takes orders from the American Neocon. There will be no DEFEAT of Russia. For anyone in charge of a country that was about to be destroyed, the natural response is to take everyone else with you – just push the bottom.

(1) Russia won – Ukraine has lost, and NO Amount of Money will win this war
(2) The Administration is pouring money down a black hole where NOBODY knows where it is going
(3) Congress is throwing money into a failed war, and they do not demand any accountability, as was the case with Iraq and Afghanistan. Why?
(4) Those who will benefit are the Western firms that invested in Ukraine and have lost their shirt – Another bailout?

This is why our insane leaders are urging us to send in troops to Ukraine, which will start World War III. Russia is warning us NOT to do this, and our Western Press refuses to acknowledge anything our warmonger leaders are doing, no less the risks that they are subjecting everyone to over a civil war the West began with this intention from the outset. Some inside Russia advocate nuking Kyiv in a major display and then showing the world what will happen if we continue to go down this path. They suggest this is the ONLY way to stop World War III and that the people will wake up and overthrow the warmonger leaders pushing us to Armageddon.

2023_02_21_Putin_Speech 2

Putin is NOT a warmonger despite all the bullshit put out by the Western Press. The West staged the Moscow Nightclub attack and did not even try to hide that they were behind it, hoping Putin would respond. They are desperate to try to get Putin to attack anything in NATO so they can pretend he is the aggressor when it is our Neocons and NATO. What I fear is that Ukraine will try to kill Putin, KNOWING that such an act will replace him with a warmonger, and we will get into World War III. I can confirm that the critics behind Putin have been telling him this war is with the USA and NATO – not Ukraine. The hardliners have told him he should have taken out Ukraine as the US did to Iraq, and this war would have been over in 6 weeks, and Zelensky would not have been able to create his media tour.

If Ukraine kills Putin, it will be at the direction of NATO, and then they will get their World War III. That would be the result if Russia attacked Washington to kill Biden, no matter how unpopular he is. Such an act would galvanize the USA into a single action for war,

My concern is that Ukraine is stupid enough to attack Russia and try to kill Putin for his inauguration day – May 7th.


Nuclear Launch Button R