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Will Putin Step Down in 2023?

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Putin Political Cycle

Putin Speech March 2018We have a very serious problem. Former Chancellor Merkel has openly stated that there was NEVER any intention to carry out the Minsk Agreement and that not only condemned the people of the Donbas to war, loss of their religion, and the tyranny of Kiev, but they were using them for bait to deliberately force Putin to invade to start a war with Russia. Congressman  Adam Kinzinger just came out and said that NATO could destroy Russia in three days. The real danger here is that Merkel, and also the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, have both publicly stated that they played Putin for a fool. In 2023, we are entering a very critical time period where Putin may step down during January, or April/May 2023 and then the Neocons will take the reigns of power and they will not be so soft.

What is so dangerous is that this not only demonstrates to China that the West cannot be trusted in making any agreements whatsoever, but that the Russian neocons have been put on notice that the intention of NATO is to wipe Russia off the face of the earth. They DELIBERATELY blew up the Nordstream pipeline showing that this is a long-term objective to crush the Russian economy. Our world leaders WANT WAR and they are the aggressor – not Russia. They deliberately had the Vice President at the Munich Conference state that Ukraine should join NATO. Then on February 23rd, 2022, one day before Putin made his move, Zelensky came out and said Ukraine wanted to rearm itself with nuclear weapons.

Anyone who cannot see what is taking place here is blind. The West NEEDS war to terminate the monetary system as it stands today. They are looking for a war with Russia and China so they can call Bretton Woods II and craft their digital currency managed by the IMF and install their one-world government administered by the United Nations. We will completely lose all freedom and any right to vote whatsoever. Keep in mind that in ALL parliamentary systems, the people never vote for who shall be the head of state. That is unique to the United States. They want to eliminate that ability, Our computer has been warning that we will soon end the right of Americans to vote for a President.

Minsk Agreement Head of State

In June 2022, former president  Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with several Western media outlets, including Deutsche Welle, publicly admitted that there had never been any question of implementing the Minsk agreements and that they had only been intended to give Ukraine time. He said:

We got what we wanted. We did not believe Putin, just as we do not believe him now. Our task was, first of all, to remove the threat, or at least to delay the war. We gave ourselves eight years to restore economic growth and build up the strength of the armed forces. That was the first task – and it was accomplished […]. Despite the fact that the war lasted eight years – as far as a large-scale military operation is concerned, I think the Minsk agreements have fulfilled their role.”

Interestingly, the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said exactly the same thing, on December 7th, 2022, curiously, the very anniversary of Pearl Harbor – Sunday, December 7, 1941. The real question here is that it certainly appears that they negotiated in bad faith and played Putin for a fool. That is highly dangerous now In her interview with the Zeit

Angela Merkel - Accords de Minsk

Merkel stated very clearly: I considered the 2008 discussion on the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO to be a mistake. These countries did not have the necessary conditions for it, and the consequences of such a decision had not been fully considered, both in terms of Russia’s actions against Georgia and Ukraine and for NATO and its rules of assistance. And the 2014 Minsk agreements were an attempt to give Ukraine time.”

Suite interview Angela Merkel

She continued saying: We all knew that this was a frozen conflict, that the problem was not solved, but this is precisely what gave Ukraine precious time.”