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War is Coming

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Kerem Shalom border crossing to the Gaza strip

COMMENT: Thank you for your analysis of the Israel incident. We have to wonder what took place. Nothing makes sense.

REPLY:  Israel did not respond to the attack for many hours. This is not realistically possible. This appears to be a setup to expand the war against Russia, assuming they will support Iran, Syria, and Hamas. There is no way that 1,000 people could breach the Gaza defense in 15 places, and nobody knew. The technology there will be triggered if a cat touches the fence. They have killer drones that will shoot directly at anything that breaches the fence. Claiming Iran hacked that security is not plausible. None of the private communications in that area were impacted.

Some see that this has been a covert action that sacrificed Israelis to achieve the end goal of trying to force Russia to defend the Middle East, all to create war BEFORE the 2024 election. As I have been warning, our computer has projected World War III unfolding post-2024. This is all being orchestrated.