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War – Civil Unrest – Chaos

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War Civil Unrest

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong

If Trump is to WIn the election, we “should” see a rally to 2022 which then should be a high. As mentioned by you there could be a assassination attempt on Trump, if so will they blame it on China and hence start of a hot war? If i recall correctly the war cycle is coming right up also, therefore this war cycle can be more than just a domestic civil unrest but a possible world war? Given that I am in Hong Kong any war between the US and China will very likely be close to China’s shore, not exactly the place one wants to be during the fight of the titans. Are any of your models showing where one can escape this madness? Thailand used to be high on the list, but the covid hoax has completely destroyed Thailand’s economy and giving rise to civil unrest is rising there also hence it doesn’t look like a good place to flee anymore.

Any advice will strongly be appreciated



ANSWER: Thailand destroyed its economy listening to the WHO and this COVID hoax. Out of 69 million people, the total number of cases was 3,447 with 3,286 recoveries, and only 58 deaths. What a difference it makes when you do not pay the hospitals more for COVID cases. The destruction of their economy is absurd. The rising civil unrest is to be expected. Thailand should never have listened to the Gates conspiracy.

That said, international war is not now. The rising civil unrest increases the tensions and then politicians point to external forces. That is how international war begins. We are over the old days of empire building and wars of conquest. Today, international war makes no sense. Nobody wants to occupy another’s land. This is a dangerous phase of simple raw retribution. Therefore, it is post-2022. The US share market can still decline into 2022 even with a Trump VICTORY depending on the year-end closings, because the civil unrest will rise. This is really a global coup to adopt Marxism once again. This is also one reason it will not fly in China or Russia — been there, done that.