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Victoria Nuland’s Replacement?

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The role of undersecretary of state for political affairs has been vacant since Victoria Nuland resigned in March. President Joe Biden has just asked Julianne Smith to fill the position. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee strongly supports Smith and is likely to appoint her. Who is the potential new queen of the US neocons?

Smith is the current US ambassador to NATO and has served in this role since November 2021. She formerly worked as a top advisor to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is keen on entering war with anyone, be it China, Russia, or the Middle East. She served as a deputy national security advisor under Obama as well from 2009 to 2012. In 2010, Smith co-wrote the “NATO Strategic Concept” with Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates that discussed safeguarding freedoms by remaining on the offensive rather than the defensive. The document also discusses climate change and a key enemy of NATO.

Enhancing civilian-military planning was discussed at the time, as well as developing local forces in potential crisis zones. They sought to train civilian specialists from separate member states to work alongside military personnel. It also declares that as long as nuclear weapons exist, NATO will remain a nuclear powerhouse. Their plan for world peace, which the neocons simply do not want, is to disarm the rest of the world so that only NATO may be in control.

“With the changes in the security environment since the end of the Cold War, we have dramatically reduced the number of nuclear weapons stationed in Europe and our reliance on nuclear weapons in NATO strategy. We will seek to create the conditions for further reductions in the future.”

As I explain in “The Plot to Seize Russia,” Russia has been the apple of the neocon’s eyes for many decades. Even in 2010, they were fixated on limiting Russia’s power:

“In any future reductions, our aim should be to seek Russian agreement to increase transparency on its nuclear weapons in Europe and relocate these weapons away from the territory of NATO members. Any further steps must take into account the disparity with the greater Russian stockpiles of short-range nuclear weapons.”

Later adding:

“NATO-Russia cooperation is of strategic importance as it contributes to creating a common space of peace, stability and security. NATO poses no threat to Russia. On the contrary: we want to see a true strategic partnership between NATO and Russia, and we will act accordingly, with the expectation of reciprocity from Russia.”

The document also mentions strengthening relations with Ukraine although does not discuss admittance into the alliance. Biden declared in a speech on D-Day that Ukraine membership into NATO would not be up for consideration, however, that is not what the others are discussing.


Smith will still be acting as the US ambassador to NATO during their July summit in Washington. “At the summit, we’ll be taking concrete steps to bring Ukraine closer to NATO and ensure that there’s a bridge to membership, a bridge that’s strong and well-lit,” Blinken said. “NATO will help build Ukraine’s future force, one that can effectively deter aggression and defend against it if necessary.”

Julianne Smith is prepared to fill Nuland’s shoes. She has long seen Russia as an enemy of the United States and Europe, and is in agreement with the likes of Clinton and Blinken. She is part of the globalist cabal that believes we should have a global military presence. No one expected a rational person to fill this role as the plan has always been to create the next world war.