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Victoria Nuland Forced to Step Down

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COMMENT: Mr Armstrong, Congratulations. You exposed Victoria Nuland, her sister-in-law, and her husband long before anyone. This forced us to look closer here in what you now call Marxville. Catchy name, BTW. The more people who have looked at her closely, the more she has become the face of the war against Russia. It was great news that she had been forced to step down before she had to explain herself under oath.

Thank you again for your work. Some of us do listen.



REPLY: It is a FANTASTIC day for America that Victoria Nuland has been forced to step down. However, the rest of the people in Biden’s State Department have been sheltered in the shadow of Nuland. Yet they are just as fervent about starting World War III. Unfortunately, she will still be consulted, which does not alter the computer forecasts. I wish it did.