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Ukraine Strikes Moscow Airport Expanding the War

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2022_12_06_Ukraine attacks_Moscow

There is no possible way to now avoid World War III. Ukraine has launched drones to attack Russian airfields making this a direct war with Russia supported by the United States, the EU, and NATO. It looks like our insane leaders who refuse to simply comply with the Minsk Agreement and allow the Donbas to declare their own independence will engulf the entire world in war just as the assassination of the Archduke in 1914.

I have stated many times, that region is dominated by sheer hatred that goes back centuries. There is no way to prevent World War as long as the West continues to support Ukraine and tells them NEVER yield to Russia. The West has resurrected not just the Cold War, but a very real Hot War.

MA War Cycycle at 2011 Conference

At the 2011 WEC, I warned that war would start in 2014. Our computer even targeted Ukraine as the place it would all begin. We will have a front row seat to witness the decline and fall of Western Civilization all for the bitter hatred that will never be resolved in that entire region any more than the conflict between Sunni v Shite in the Middle East.


Beware of January. So many models have been pointing to January 2023 as even the strongest target in 2023. Zelensky is out of his mind, or he is deliberately seeking to compel Putin to respond with deadly force and then run to NATO to seek IMMEDIATE admission and a declaration of war. Zelensky has made it clear. His objective is what the Ukrainian Nazis have always desired – the total defeat and annellation of Russia as a country.