Ukraine Losing the War Big Time

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I reported last week that my source from Ukraine, not Russia, was placing the Ukrainian military casualties at 150,000 with 35,000 unaccounted for – missing in action. Including the civilian deaths, over 250,000 people have died. Ukraine is losing the war. With the UK claiming they will now train Ukrainian pilots and provide fighter jets, this is obviously putting the UK at risk and such pilots with a few weeks of training will only crash and burn.

Our targets coming into play for April and May are critical. We see major shifts in the financial markets coming even by June. The West has sacrificed the Ukrainian population in an effort to weaken Russia so they can run in and destroy Russia. Just as their plans for the Iraq War and Vietnam never worked out, this is only risking the security of the entire world for this Neocon nonsense where they always love war and hate every Russian – period! There is absolutely no reason for this war. It has been deliberately provided by the West.

This time, our computer warns, perhaps like the Oracle of Delphi, who told the King of Lydia that if he waged war against Persia, he would destroy a great empire. He presumed that meant Persia and not his own. Socrates confirms the West will lose this one. This is totally unnecessary and pointless. We stand absolutely NOTHING to gain from this war – only losses. The Neocons always want war and they NEVER think what if they lose?

Some believe that supplying these arms is merely pretending to support Ukraine for they know that this will not prevent their loss. The West will be in a position to then wage war against Russia directly and they are hoping for Putin to attack outside of Ukraine to be the excuse. They will use Ukraine as a play for revenge against evil Russia. They have pumped out nothing but bullshit propaganda knowing that Ukraine stood ZERO chance of defeating Russia.

The West will then count the dead civilians and proclaim that they are just going in to wage war against evil Russia lying to the people with every breath they take. So get prepared,  for as we cross into 2024, we will be approaching 51.6 years since the end of the military draft in the United States. The draft law was due to expire at the end of June 1971. But Nixon decided it needed to continue and asked Congress to approve a two-year extension. In March 1973, 1974, and 1975, the Selective Service assigned draft priority numbers for all men born in 1954, 1955, and 1956. However, the draft was never extended. It will probably be reinstated in 2024/2025.



Col. Douglas Macgregor has come out stating very clearly the reality of Ukraine.