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Ukraine Cannot Pay Govt in 2024 Without Billions from the West

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Most do not realize that the West has been funding Ukraine’s entire government. Biden and other world leaders have promised Zelensky that they would fund the salaries and pensions for all Ukrainian politicians and government workers. Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister, issued a warning that Ukraine will be unable to pay MILLIONS of government employees if the West does not resume payments.

The figures are correct. The West has the salaries of 500,000 Ukrainian civil servants on its payroll, along with 1.4 million teachers. The highest priced item is the 10 MILLION pensioners living completely off of foreign aid. Svyrydenko demands at least $37 billion to fund Ukraine’s government into 2024.

Congress blocked Joe Biden’s most recent attempt to send Ukraine over $60 billion. In return, Biden threatened to send American troops to the frontlines to die. The European Union, and the unelected officials at the top, attempted to send Ukraine an additional €50 billion but Hungary vetoed that support package. The EU is now looking for a loophole to send €20 billion to Ukraine without Hungary’s approval since the EU is not a union.

How can you effectively sell this idea to Europeans and North Americans amid the current cost of living crisis? The majority now realize that Ukraine will never stop begging for money. No amount will fuel the insatiable appetite of the most corrupt government in Europe. The funding mentioned is only for Ukraine’s government employees and does not include spending on the military, infrastructure, humanitarian aid, etc. Don’t forget we are also funding a war in the Middle East now too. Europe and North America cannot fund their own pension programs, and we will soon see a major pension crisis when the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce.

When will the people draw the line? This is what happens when you have taxation without any representation.