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Twice as Many Civilians Always Die v Military

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World War III Ahead

War is never a ONE-SIDED affair. People get frustrated and will often seek revenge personally on both sides of any conflict. These people who point to Russians as killing civilians and vice versa should understand one thing. EVERY war results in MORE civilian casualties than military. I do not know what planet these people are on, but cheering war is one great way to reduce the population.

Just check the stats on World War II. The total estimated deaths were 70–85 million people. That was about 3% of the estimated 2.3 billion global population in 1940.

  • Total Death … 70-85 million (50-56 million directly & 19-28 million from starvation/disease)
  • Military deaths ….. 21-25 million
  • Civilian Deaths….. 50-55 million

Anyone claiming the Russians killing civilians is somehow a war crime should check history. It is typically civilian deaths are double that of the military. So while Zelensky and the Western powers refuse to end this war and just let the Donbas separate as was set out at the Minsk Agreement, should understand the civilian death toll in Ukraine may easily be 50% or even hire all for land that was never Ukrainian in the first place. The West is using the Ukrainian people as fools for they are simply there to weaken Russia so NATO can invade Moscow in the end. The Ukrainian people are simply cannon fodder and the sooner they wake up and realize that are just a pawn being sacrificed in this proxy war against Russia the sooner they can reclaim their life.

Galina Starovoitova 1946 1998 Assassinated 11 20 98I get the typical hate mail because I do not blindly accept Ukraine is fighting against the Russian evil empire for democracy or freedom related to its own people. One clearly Neonazis sent an email:

“There will definitely be a very special place in hell for you and the sooner you get there the better.”

I have encountered the Neonazis of Ukraine. They would slaughter every Russian in the Donbas. I do not tolerate fools, politicians, or people who are consumed by their own hate that they cannot see clearly or even think rationally. Their hatred is consuming the world and they will do whatever they can to completely destroy every Russian no different than the German Nazis who sought to exterminate every Jew.

I have been in the middle of this entire Russian affair since 1999. Both sides have always hurled arrows at me. So I am just used to it. When Galina Starovoytova (1946-1998), who was the head of the Democratic movement in Moscow, was assassinated, suddenly the old hardlines were targeting me and said she was a puppet of a Western financier, which was supposed to be me. I was shocked that I was suddenly being targeted I believe by the head of the old guard Primakov who I believe had been behind her assassination and the attack on me. The only connection was that her son was working in our London office at the time.

Arrow from Every side

I always get the arrows from every side. That is just part of life.