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Trump: I Want Everyone to Stop Dying

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Trump seems to be the only one concerned about the casualties of war. When I went to Mar-a-Lago in March 2020, Trump stressed the fact that he was tired of calling mothers and telling them that their sons had been killed in Afghanistan. Granted, he would have devised a better strategy than Biden of simply leaving, but we avoided war under Trump.

“Do you want Russia or Ukraine to win the war?” the clueless CNN reporter kept asking Trump as if she were asking him who he wanted to win the World Cup or Super Bowl.

No one wins in war. People say they want to see Ukraine decimate Russian troops, perhaps even all of Russia. Do they realize what they are saying? The people on the battlefield are not the decision-makers. They are young men and women who have barely had enough time to experience this world. They have no say in politics or the logistics of warfare. Many do not even wish to be there but have no choice. Every time you hear of soldiers dying, those are someone’s children, grandchildren, cousins, friends — you get the picture.

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Trump said he could create peace within 24 hours. I would be interested to hear his proposal. It is a shame that everything Trump says is controversial. It is amazing how wanting peace and preventing mass murder is now a controversial statement. You’re on the wrong side of history for not wanting more people dead on one side. The Neocons are mass murderers. Prigozhinm, while a bit crazed, accurately stated the people who are waging these wars are not sending their children to the battlefield to die. Yet those same leaders are willing to sacrifice a generation of young men to play as toy soldiers in their depraved war games.