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There Will Be No Peace As Long As Zelensky Runs Ukraine

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It is stunning how the Ukrainian people have not looked at how their country has been destroyed and over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers are dead all for a territorial grab under the propaganda that Zelensky loves to claim he is fighting for their freedom. The Minsk Agreement allowed the Donbas to vote for they are Russian and Ukraine was NEVER prosecuted for its Nazi war crimes against Jews, Polish, Hungarians, and Russians, all because the CIA wanted to use them against Russia.


Recently, General Valerii Zaluzhny, according to the “New York Times” publicly conceded that the war with Russia has reached a standoff and a substantial technological leap would be required to overcome it, although this seems unlikely. Zelensky went nuts. Sources say he had gagged the military and will not allow then to speak the truth. Everything from Ukraine is just propaganda now, celebrating that they are always winning a war that everyone knows is unwinnable.

Blinken no deal

Ukraine had its freedom. Now, it has a country that has been undermined by this high-heel dancing actor who cares nothing about the Ukrainian people. Zelensky is told what to do by the American Neocons. Both the Ukrainian and Israeli people need to wake up. They are BOTH pawns in the chess game of endless wars instigated behind the curtain by the Neocons. Both need to honestly assess what is in their own best interest long-term for future generations. Likewise, sources say that Hamas is NOT all Palestinian. They also have among their ranks zealots from all over the Middle East who are equally willing to use Palestinian civilians for political purposes.