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There is no “Good Guy” in War

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Question: Referring to Mr Armstrong’s blog post on Mr Musk’s Starlink provision of services in Gaza. Mr. Armstrong g would do well to do sufficient due diligence before cavalierly accusing Israel of war crimes/crimes when r humanity. In fact, Musk was in touch with Israel’s Shin Bet security services and they are trying to work it out for providing service to aid groups. If the US were attacked by Mexico would Mr Armstrong be so quick to suggest Musk provide Internet access to all of Mexico? Israel has a right to self defense and does not target civilians (it is Hamas that uses as a shield). True Israel is aided by American Neo Conservatives but Israel has no choice whoever controls the US. As Golda Meir said: “We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon—no alternative.”


Von Der Leyen War Crime


Answer: The West declared stripping a nation of basic resources like electricity a war crime. That is precisely what Israel has done to Palestine, hence why I wrote, “It is Only a War Crime When Russia Does It.” Hospitals have no power; the innocent are dying rapidly. It is not possible to target Hamas alone using this tactic. Over 8,000 Palestinians have died at the time of this writing.

People cannot reach their loved ones, and humanitarian agencies cannot communicate with one another. Musk is providing internet access to help people communicate. He did the same for Ukraine, but that was celebrated. I noted that Musk said he was specifically doing this to aid humanitarian efforts.

To expand on your quote by Golda Meir, ex-PM of Israel, that was uttered during a toast with then-President Richard Nixon:

“In 1948, when we were attacked by six Arab armies and had nothing to fight with-but thank God we did not lose our sense of humor–we said, yes, but we have a secret weapon and our secret weapon is: no alternative, we must win because we have nowhere to run to except the sea. Therefore, we chose to fight and to fight it out and win. We had no alternative. We had known many hours that were dark, the hours before the 5th of June in 1967, none of us will ever forget them.”

Palestinians are not permitted by their Arab neighbors to flee to those countries. They cannot leave by sea either, since it is controlled by Israel. What alternative do the people have? The people who wanted no part in this war are trapped. Millions of people have entered the United States via the Mexico border, but I would not support cutting off a nation’s resources, to answer your question.

It is sad to see how many people on both sides are consumed by hatred. Those declaring jihad are simply out of their minds and fueled by hate, which they believe will bring them a great reward in the afterlife. But now there are people like you who believe we should wipe out the enemy, with the enemy being everyone on the other side. You complain that it is not Israel’s fault that Hamas uses the people of Palestine as human shields. Should the solution be to blast through these innocent men, women, and children? You also complain that the US Neocons support Israel, and it’s not Israel’s fault that they are provided with billions to fund their large military. Guess what? Americans don’t control who runs America either. We do not vote on funding or participating in wars. Rest assured, Israel would not be in existence if they didn’t have the West acting as their shield. Look at a map if that is unclear.

Palestine has no military, and Israel could easily defeat Hamas. There is an extensive, deeper agenda at play. Israel is permitting this war to occur to appease their Western allies. Hamas would not have entered Israel if Israeli intelligence did not allow it to happen, and that in itself is a war crime. Why are you passionately defending the government over the people? The Israeli government does not care about Israeli or Palestinian lives, and Palestine is too corrupt and run by religious zealots to have a real government. Nothing is fair in war. There is no “good guy” or side to support. I support the INNOCENT PEOPLE who are victims of corrupt governments on both sides.