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The West is Sacrificing Ukraine to Invade Russia?

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The former Prosecutor General and ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, has publicly come out and said that Ukraine lost 500,000 soldiers, killed or seriously wounded, since the beginning of the Russian special military operation/invasion. When I reported this months ago, of course, I got the hate mail accusing me of pushing Russian propaganda. That number has since exceeded 1 million. Zelensky will not seek peace because the Neocons and NATO say, “NO WAY!” They are sacrificing Ukrainians on this Neocon Altar of Hatred. NATO is using Ukrainians as cannon fodder to kill as many Russians as possible.

The West needs this war to provide the excuse to default on their debts, and they then intend to usher in Bretton Woods II with the end goal of total control, introducing CBDCs



Yevgeny Dickii, former commander of the Ukrainian ground forces ‘Aidar’ battalion, has come out warning if Zelensky’s draft of another 500,000 Ukrainians fails, the country could disappear.

“Ukraine could quickly disappear if people on the home front do not understand that conscription is a necessary measure.”