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The West Instructed Zelensky – No Peace Agreements

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Turkey Peace Negotiations

I have been warned that my sources have constantly been whispering, and growing to yell and screaming, that the Biden Administration and NATO have been pushing for Ukraine to sacrifice all its people to weaken Russia so they could later come in for the kill. They were doing so by instructing Zelensky he was not to negotiate peace with Russia under any terms.

Now former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who mediated those contacts, confirmed what my sources have been saying from the outset. He openly said that peace might’ve been agreed upon between Russia and Ukraine shortly after the start of the conflict. However, Kyiv’s “Western backers” blocked the negotiations between them for they wanted war.

Make no mistake about it. Russia is now well aware that this is a war of all wars that is out to absolutely destroy their country, their culture, and their people. They will have no choice but to defend themselves against the aggression of the United States and Europe.