The Madman of Ukraine in High Heels

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COMMENT: Hi Martin
It is obvious that Zelensky does not have a brain and is being controlled by outside forces. Is it Schwab or is he just a front also? You probably know more than what is going on than anyone else including intelligence.
Thank you
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REPLY: I cannot say everything without compromising some sources. These people have played a dangerous game. Putin never intended to wage war on Ukraine. He was there to do what he said, protect the Russian population in the Donbas and Crimea, which have NEVER been occupied by Ukrainians. Zelensky should go back to dancing in high heels and leave the real world to serious people.

This launching of 83 missiles is the biggest attack on Kyiv since the war began. That in itself proves he was never trying to conquer Ukraine. This propaganda is all strategically being put out to create war. Europe needs this because it can no longer fund itself on the same basis of endless borrowing with no intention of ever repaying the debt. The failure to have consolidated the debt from the outset is tearing Europe apart. These people think (1) they can defeat Russia and chalk one up for climate change since 50% of Russia’s GDP is energy, and (2) a war will allow them all to default and create another Bretton Woods while reducing the population. These are real objectives.

Putin never struck Kyiv because that was the home of the Russ, where the Russians began. Only the destruction of Kyiv in 1240AD by the Mongold resulted in them settling in Moscow. Kyiv to Putin was more or less like London has been to the United States. This attack on Kyiv is what I have been warning about. Putin has been criticized by the hardliners for being too soft on Ukraine. They are not as nostalgic about Kyiv as Putin has been.

The West is pushing Russia and they will get what they want – war. This is just insane. The Ukrainian people need to overthrow Zelensky – NOW! He is not putting their best interests first. It has been confirmed he has already stashed more than $100 million offset and he will fly away on a private jet leaving the death and destruction behind. Maybe then he will change his shirt.

In the meantime, Russia can take down the power grid of Europe with a handful of missiles. Without alternatives, Europe’s current energy shortfall will worsen this winter. If Russia attacks the satellites, without GPS, most people will be lost today. Things can get really messed up without nuclear war.